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while you wait

We are working on posting our childhood-themed projects, but in the meantime, check out these cool anatomical sculptures of some famous childhood characters by Jason Freeny. Check out his anatomical sketches too…I love the gummy bear! Advertisements

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Hello friends! We’re back. Again. We accidentally missed the month of January, it just sort of slipped away…as the days tend to do when one is having fun! Wait…fun? Who has more fun than…kids?! We’ll see about that. Our new … Continue reading

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following my footsteps

I had A LOT of ideas for a repetition project for this month. Tons. You almost were about to view a set of wallpaper/fabric patterns or lots of stripes. Or many other things that I won’t divulge because I may … Continue reading

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new theme: repetition

In honor of Groundhog Day (or maybe more accurately Bill Murray), this month’s theme will be “repetition”. (Pretend it’s still yesterday for a few minutes…) February is a month that holds the promise of the spring to come. It’s still … Continue reading

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