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winter wrap-up

Ah, so fitting that my final post for the “winter” theme comes (a day late) on a very snowy and gray winter’s day. There is hope though: the groundhog didn’t see his shadow! Looking outside, you wonder how that’s possible…. … Continue reading

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winter wrapup part 2

It’s only fitting that we unveil our winter projects today as most of the country is buried under almost 2 feet of snow. Luckily I got a snow day today (which is the first snow day from work I’ve ever … Continue reading

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my eyes make pictures when they are shut

Look at these beauties from Peter Mendelsund. I spent all day Saturday working on my winter project. What I ended up with is totally different from what I started with or where I thought I would end up. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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no seasons

The Jacuzzi Boys come from a magical land called Florida where it’s sunny everyday and it never snows. I think that’s why their songs are so good. This was taped outside of my friend Rich’s record store in Orlando.

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tidy desktop, tidy mind

I change my desktop image about once a month, just to switch things up. I love this site of clean, simple desktop illustrations. It helps keeps things neat and tidy and doesn’t make you feel like your head is about … Continue reading

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a hug

Today is frightfully cold here in New England – a shocking -9 degrees! I’m pretty sure my eyeballs froze over just a little when I stepped outside this morning. In this cold, I can’t help but start daydreaming about warm … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I, like Sara, generate multiple ideas at a time, leading me to end up making some sort of choice whether it’s the best one or not. However, for our winter theme, I had no problem making the choice. More … Continue reading

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