Our theme for this month’s project is holidays! This year, my husband Brian and I decided to stay in Chicago for Christmas instead of traveling to see our families in Florida and Boston. We really missed seeing our families a lot, but staying in town saved us a lot of money and allowed us a lot more free time to catch up on projects that we’ve been meaning to get to. I’ve been planning to create a new shirt and button design for my band for the past month or so and time kept getting away from me because of other obligations. Over the holidays, I was able to finally get around to it! The shirts are in the process of being printed now by Stella Blue Clothing Co. and the buttons are, of course, being made by Busy Beaver. For this design, I wanted to create something simple and eye-catching without having it be too girly. I also wanted to represent summer with the yellow circle in the shirt and the pastel colors in the button, but counteract any  “cuteness” with the sharp angles around the type.

After the official holidays were over, Brian and I took our belated honeymoon to Key West which put my blog-posting on hiatus for bit, so sorry for the delay in revealing this month’s project! Better late than never!

Here’s a picture of Kristin wearing the final product!


About sara

Sara Bassick is a graphic designer living in Chicago. She likes printmaking, reading, typography, clocks, collaborating, being silly, dogs and pizza.
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