we now return to your regularly scheduled blog posts….

We somehow ended up extending our vacation a little bit. A lot bit, actually. But never fear! We’re back! And just in time for the holidays!

With that, I unceremoniously introduce our December theme: holiday. Or: The Holidays. However you put it, most people have some emotional (or lack thereof) connection to this wintry time of year, whether it be related to the holidays themselves, the weather, the consumerism…there are endless projects that could be created with this theme and I’ll have a really hard time trying to narrow it down, but I’m looking forward to it!

On that note, enjoy your holiday season, whatever it means for you!

And because I basically missed the best of autumn, I leave you with some lingering beauty from the season.


About abbyrose

Abby is a creative director/graphic designer living in NH who's greatest loves in life include photography, traveling, food, family & friends and laughing (usually while with family and friends over food while traveling and taking photos).
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