light on the south side

A couple of years ago, my fiance, Brian, wrote a great book review for TimeOut Chicago about the wonderful photographer, Michael Abramson. In the 1970s as an IIT student, Abramson  started taking photographs at a Chicago dance club on the south side. His photographs were collected in a book  called “Light on the South Side” and released by the ever-inspiring record label Numero Group. Sadly, Abramson passed away in after a battle with cancer in March. He will be missed.

From TimeOut:
“Light collects 110 black-and-white photographs taken by Michael Abramson in African-American bars and clubs with names like Pepper’s Hideout, Perv’s House, High Chapparal and the Patio Lounge from 1975 to 1977. And yet, there is a transcendent accessibility to Light: On the South Side that makes it more than a beautiful artifact. Everyone will recognize scenes of love, lust, machismo, flirtatiousness, barroom drama and the glorious rush of dance parties in full swing.”


About sara

Sara Bassick is a graphic designer living in Chicago. She likes printmaking, reading, typography, clocks, collaborating, being silly, dogs and pizza.
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