following my footsteps

I had A LOT of ideas for a repetition project for this month. Tons. You almost were about to view a set of wallpaper/fabric patterns or lots of stripes. Or many other things that I won’t divulge because I may quite possibly use them in another project in the future.

But what I decided on was to finally round up some of my more recent photos……of my feet. I can’t really explain it, but I’ve had an obsession with photographing my feet for years. Since I can remember having a camera, in fact. A repetitive action that has really become habitual. I must have hundreds of feet pictures, mostly my own but I like to include other people and/or feature them as well. I think it has something to do with a feeling of wanting to sort of prove that I was there. I’m often the one sporting the camera and therefore am less often in front of it, so it’s also a sort of self-portraiture.

While I didn’t have the time to really search for older photos, I decided I wanted to compile these recent ones (2009-2011) in a scrapbook-like manner, including bits about where and when they were taken. Inspired in part by Sara’s post about Irina Werning’s photos, and also my other obsession with my Hipstamatic app, I ended up going with this really neat Polaroid filter to “house” each image, and then added my own notes or doodles as I saw fit. Or, more accurately, as if I had these real instant photos in my hand instead of onscreen. I then grappled with how to show you them – in a digital photo album? flip book? gallery?? – but have decided to go with a slide show.

For me, this was fun and nostalgic. Hopefully to you is at least somewhat interesting! Click the image below to view the whole she-bang. If you’d like to see just the images without the slide show, click here. The top image is how I’d like to show them on my wall – individually printed and framed, perhaps in a shadow box? We’ll see.

Side note: I obviously need to vary my foot ware more, and I need a new pair of black Chucks!


About abbyrose

Abby is a creative director/graphic designer living in NH who's greatest loves in life include photography, traveling, food, family & friends and laughing (usually while with family and friends over food while traveling and taking photos).
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2 Responses to following my footsteps

  1. toemailer says:

    Lots of great shots. you really should consider submitting to toemail 🙂

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