Yayoi Kusama’s repetitions

The installation Fireflies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama is just so unbelievably beautiful and captivating. I wish I could have seen it in person. Her use of mirrors, a pool of water and tiny lights creates a seemingly infinite universe for the viewer to stand in. This cool panoramic photo by Peter Murphy gives you a sense of what it might have been like to see it.

I love the way the lights bring so much color to an otherwise black space but without taking over. I feel like this must be what the Milky Way looks like if you’re inside of it.

Many Kusama’s other works also explore the themes of repetition, or “infinity, such as her Nets and Dots series.

More links for more of Yayoi Kusama’s work here and here.


About abbyrose

Abby is a creative director/graphic designer living in NH who's greatest loves in life include photography, traveling, food, family & friends and laughing (usually while with family and friends over food while traveling and taking photos).
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5 Responses to Yayoi Kusama’s repetitions

  1. sara says:

    Stunning! I love how you just get swept away in these environments. The panoramic picture is blowing my mind right now. I think I may be having a little too much fun at my desk!

  2. Nicole says:


    You guys are doing a great job!

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