winter wrapup part 2

It’s only fitting that we unveil our winter projects today as most of the country is buried under almost 2 feet of snow. Luckily I got a snow day today (which is the first snow day from work I’ve ever had). Chicago is pretty much a ghost town. All the cars are buried and the residents are cozy inside drinking hot chocolate.

I had a lot of different ideas for my interpretation of winter. First, I wanted to explore the idea of layers and hibernation and how during the winter months, people tend to disappear into their caves. Then my idea morped into another one, to visualize the concept of layering yourself up with physical items as well as emotional ones. That one got a little complicated!

Then I deciced to pare it down a little and just concentrate on visually representing winter with color, shape and composition. I did a series of 10×10 prints trying to achieve this goal. I focused a lot on muted colors, layers, circles, snowflakes, and repeating patterns,

Check it out and click on the images to make them bigger!


About sara

Sara Bassick is a graphic designer living in Chicago. She likes printmaking, reading, typography, clocks, collaborating, being silly, dogs and pizza.
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4 Responses to winter wrapup part 2

  1. Kali says:

    Where can I see your images?

  2. abbyrose says:

    Beautiful! Where can I get a set of prints?! I especially love the 3rd one down…it’s a gentle winter sunrise. Makes me feel happy!

  3. Kali says:

    Um… I could not see the images in the email, but on the site they are visible. I really like the interpretations.

  4. Amy says:

    Ooooo! What a lovely series of prints. I agree with abbyrose…the third one down is great. Terrific blend of type and concept. Do you have copies of these? If you do…I think they’d be super cool for new decor when I move. Great work, friend!

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