the a-ha moment

I tend to overthink everything, especially when I’m trying to come up with an idea. Instead of shutting my brain off and starting work on something, I tend to stay awake at night and think of all of the possibilities. I had this joke with myself in grad school that even when I wasn’t “working” I was still “working”. The mental part of creating is like 90% of the battle. Once you get the idea ironed out, you just need to execute it (OK, so that part isn’t easy either).

A-ha moments are great and tend to come when you least expect them. I love how all the time you spend awake at night thinking and figuring shit out in your head doesn’t go to waste. It’s just preparation, and then later on when you’re eating a sandwich or washing your hair or watching TV, all the loose ends tie themselves together in your head and yippee, there’s your idea!

The problem is when you have multiple a-ha moments and cannot decide which one to choose. Maybe your first a-ha moment wasn’t really an a-ha moment after all and was only leading up to the one you’re having now. Your last idea may not always be your best idea but it’s the one you decide on. It’s when you finally decide to put your foot down and make a commitment to something. It’s when you decide to stop thinking and starting doing.

Right now I’m having multiple a-ha moments competing in my head. One of them is more cerebral and complex and could possibly not make sense to anyone but me. The other is simpler and more elegant and probably more aesthetically pleasing.

My dream job would definitely be to sit around and come up with ideas all day long and have other people execute them for me (isn’t this what most famous artists/art directors do?) I have no trouble at all coming up with ideas. It’s the most exhilarating part of the process for me. With so many possibilities, how can you choose just one?

Does anyone have this problem?

I’ve set aside the whole day tomorrow to stop thinking and start doing. Hopefully I’ll come out on the other side with something cool to show you guys!


About sara

Sara Bassick is a graphic designer living in Chicago. She likes printmaking, reading, typography, clocks, collaborating, being silly, dogs and pizza.
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2 Responses to the a-ha moment

  1. Amy P says:

    Sara! First, I am loving your blog. Second, next time I am struggling for a conceptual cover (probably in a month), maybe I can ask you for a few concepts and then I’ll execute them. 😉 Design marriage made in heaven. Heee.

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