beautiful white layers

From Jezebel

I included this post mostly because of the dress on the right. I’m really liking the interpretation of textures and layers and also the muted white and gray pallette. I’ve been thinking constantly about how I’m going to visualize an idea of “winter” for this month’s theme. The images/ideas that I have been constantly drawn to have been really good at conveying two things: layers and a white-based color pallette.

Winter is such a broad topic, so when deciding which direction to go in for my project, I started thinking specifically about what I do and how I feel personally during the wintertime. The adjectives that come to mind are pretty dismal: cold, quiet, bundled, sick, covered, sheltered, vulnerable, dark, cut-off, home-body.

I started realizing how much the weather affects my behavior and causes me to be way more of a homebody during the colder months than at any other time of the year. This got me thinking about hibernation and protection and how we protect ourselves from the cold by the clothes, coats, scaves, hats, mittens we wear, but we also protect ourselves by staying in and creating our own little winter nests inside our homes. I want to explore the idea of protection from vulnerability, be it the literal protection from freezing out in the cold or the figurative protection from the shock of leaving our constructed nests.


About sara

Sara Bassick is a graphic designer living in Chicago. She likes printmaking, reading, typography, clocks, collaborating, being silly, dogs and pizza.
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One Response to beautiful white layers

  1. Aimée Stern says:

    I, too become a home-body. There are days when I don’t even leave the house – eek! But I do tend to cook a lot more. I’m currently obsessed with my crock pot, concocting soups and home cooked meals to share. It definitely helps me get through the dismal, gray months in Chicago. It’s creative and brings color back into my life when it’s dreary white and gray outside.

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